Amagozen Cape

Yet another splendid spot on the Sea of Japan, it is often associated with a crucial moment in Japanese history. At the end of the 12th century, in a context of raging samurai clan wars, the powerful general Minamoto Yoshitsune and his entourage were exiled from Kyoto and started roaming the roads of Japan trying to sneak back in. Amagozen, a young courtesan, chose to escape her fate here by letting herself fall off the cliff.
Nearby, there is the Amagozen expressway service area where you will find restaurants, souvenir shops, and a café with a nice panoramic view of the harbor and the sea.

13 minutes by car from Kaga Onsen Station.

- Amagozen Service Area (Niigata and Gifu-bound)

Daily 24 hours a day