Other spot and facilities

Katano Beach

One of the major sea spots in the Kaga area, the Katano sand beach is set in a quaint cove, surrounded by lush vegetation of pine trees and often visited by roaming cats and diverse species of birds. Not so crowded in summertime, it is very popular destination among the locals for sea bathing and paddling. At every season, it provides wonderful sunsets that can be admired from inside the sea side café.

Sea side café Umibouzu

3-6 Katanomachi

Natadera Temple

With a history dating back to the 10th century, Natadera is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Japan outside Kyoto. The unusually shaped and carved cliff which served as living spaces, the unusual three-fold pagoda tower, the eleven heads Kannon goddess statue inside the main hall and the large garden and promenade sparkling with vivid red colors in autumn are some of the place’s highly recommended highlights.

Yu-122 Natamachi

Kaga Fruit Land

Visitors are invited to enjoy picking seasonal fruits such as strawberries, grapes and apple all year round in this 83 m2 large orchard. The facility is also equipped with a barbecue space, an 18-hole golf course and a gift/souvenir shop.

Yunokuni no Mori Traditional Handicrafts Village

Set inside a natural forest, this traditional style houses village proposes dozens of hands-on activities covering a wide range of local handicrafts techniques such as pottery, silk-dyeing and even making soba noodles. Many souvenir shops propose lots of traditional arts and crafts items of Ishikawa.

Okashijo Kagahan/Japan Origami Museum

Set inside a traditional castle designed building, on the second floor is Japan Origami Museum. The biggest origami folded paper museum in the country it permanently displays a large collection of more than 50 000 original origami creations of various sizes.
On the first floor is a large store specialized in Japanese traditional sweets and confectionery. Both the origami museum and the confectionery space propose hands-on corners.

http://www.kagahan.co.jp/(Okashijo Kagahan)
http://www.kagahan.co.jp/bunkamura/origamihakubutsukan.php(Japan Origami Museum)

Kutani Mangetsu

Motocar Museum of Japan

Set in a typically Japanese/western style building, the 12,000 m2 exhibition hall displays about 500 car models from different countries, including highlights such as Rolls Royce’s, Japanese sport cars and popular cars from Europe. This is the biggest automobile museum in all Japan.

Rabbit village

This small size leisure park proposes various “udon” noodles specialized restaurants, a tea house, a souvenir shop and an exhibition hall displaying local traditional crafts such as Yamanaka lacquerware. But the main attraction of the park are the numerous rabbits freely roaming around pet animal statues to the delight of the children.

Kamoike Observation Center

The Kamoike pond is a wintertime stop-over place for many species of migrating birds including geese, ducks and swans, resulting in a remarkable ecosystem registered in the “Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat”. The observation center was set up to help protecting this ecosystem by providing explanations to visitors.