Kakusenkei Gorge

Further down Yamanaka Onsen, Kakusenkei is a 1.3 km long path stretching along the banks of the Daishoji River, gently meandering through very picturesque and colorful gorge. Going up and down past graceful waterfalls and luminous clearings, this highly praised promenade offers splendid views at every season but most especially in autumn.

- Korogi Bridge
At the end of the Kakusenkei Gorge strolling path, this is the furthest upstream of the three bridges that cross the Daishoji River in Yamanaka Onsen. The Korogi Bridge is often said to be one of the greatest spots of scenic beauty in the area. Built in the most traditional way using only cypress wood, the simplicity and elegance of its curves and lines are a perfect match with the surrounding natural scenery at every season.

30 minutes from Kaga Onsen Station by local bus. Get off at “Yamanaka Onsen Bus Terminal”, 15 minutes on foot.

- Ayatori Bridge
Crossing the river half-way along the Kakusenkei Gorge with impressive twists and turns, this strikingly modern bridge was designed by the late Hiroshi Teshigahara, a famous ikebana master and a noted avant-garde movie director in the West. The artist has explained that this vividly colored bridge was an attempt to “arrange” the flowers below. The Ayatori Bridge offers a commanding view over the gorge and is indeed one of the best photography spots to enjoy in Yamanaka Onsen.

30 minutes from Kaga Onsen Station by local bus. Get off at “Yamanaka Onsen Bus Terminal”, 8 minutes on foot.

- Kakusenkei Kawadoko riverside café
Close to the Ayatori Bridge, Kawadoko is a popular terrace café installed beside the clear waters flowing down through the Kakusenkei Gorge. Set half-way through the promenade, this is the perfect place to stop by to relax and enjoy a few minutes in quiet and colorful surroundings.
Operating on clear days and open from April to Nov., the Kawadoko riverside café welcomes you with a cup of tea and Japanese sweets.

Apr.-Oct. 9:30-16:00, Nov. 10:00-15:00
Dec.-Mar. and on rainy days
Seating charges
Adults ¥300 /Elementary school students ¥200(with a cup of Kaga Bocha tea)
Seating charge + ¥300