Kiku no Yu public bathhouse

Yamanaka Onsen’s hot springs were discovered some 1300 years ago and never have ceased to attract many famed visitors ever since. One of them was the illustrious poet Matsuo Basho who celebrated the rejuvenating properties of Yamanaka Onsen’s waters in a famous haiku, likening them to the chrysanthemum flower, a well-known symbol of eternity according to Chinese folklore. The very name of Yamanaka Onsen’s public bathhouse, “Kikunoyu” (chrysanthemum hot spring) commemorates this belief as well as the poet's blissful words. Containing a high rate of sulfate, Yamanaka Onsen’s hot spring has noted skin moisturizing properties. Baths for men and women are in two elegant buildings facing each other. The men’s bath displays an interesting narrative illustration of the hot spring’s history.

Daily 6:45-22:30 (Occasional temporary closures)
Entrance fee
Adults ¥440, Children between 6 and 12 ¥130, Children between 3 and 6 years old ¥50, Infants: free
30 minutes from the Kaga Onsen Station by local bus. Get off at “Yamanaka Onsen Bus Terminal”, 6 minutes on foot.
Re-11 Yamanakaonsen Yunodemachi