Event schedule

Daishoji Gongan Shinji

During this ancient Shinto ritual, held at Sugo Isobe Shrine, young people brave the cold of February and evil spirits by breaking large bamboo sticks by a bonfire.

February 10th
Kaga Onsen kyo Marathon
3rd Sunday of April
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Yamanaka Lacquerware Festival

In the center of Yamanaka Onsen, renowned craftmen and specialized shops gather for a two days feast and market event, proposing items from Yamanaka Onsen’s reputed handicraft at a very affordable price.

May 3rd /4th
Shobuyu (Iris) Festival

One of the area’s most popular festivals, whose highlight is the impressive parade of local young people carrying the Shobu Mikoshi (portable shrine), guided by a procession of lanterns carriers. Traditional dancing is performed on the last night.

June 4th/5th

Performers wearing amazing masks and costumes dynamically dance and perform against the backdrop of bonfires, accompanied by bewitching folk flute tunes on a summer night.

Last Saturday and Sunday of July
Katayamazu Onsen’s fireworks and Onsen Festival

Every night of August, 10 minute long fireworks are launched over Lake Shibayamagata. Celebrating the discovery of the town’s hot spring and featuring street stalls, dancing and various performances, the Onsen festival culminates with a grandiose 40 minute long fire-work session performed on Sunday night.

Every night from August 1st to August 31st
Onsen Festival
3rd Saturday and Sunday of August (firework on Sunday)
Koikoi Festival

Thousands of people gather for the Yamanaka Onsen annual festival featuring mikoshi (portable shrine) parade, geisha performances and procession group dancing to the sound of traditional music instruments and folk tunes.

September 22nd/23rd