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Daishoji Gogan Shinji

One of Japan’s most ancient festivals, this ancient Shinto ritual is also known as Takewari Matsuri. In spectacular riotous moves, young people brave the winter cold and their evil spirits by furiously cracking large poles of bamboo by a bonfire.

February 10th
Kaga Onsenkyo Marathon

Winding through Kaga’s three typical hot spring resorts as well as some of the area’s most attractive landscapes, the Kaga Onsenkyo Marathon is held every year in mid-April at the peak of the cherry blossom season. Besides the full marathon trail, the event also offers 10 km, 5 km, and 2.5 km courses. Overseas visitors, professionals and amateurs alike, anyone is welcome to participate.

3rd Sunday of April
Official web site
http://kagaonsenkyoumarathon.com/ (Japanese)
Yamanaka Lacquerware Festival

In the center of Yamanaka Onsen, renowned craftsmen and specialized shops are gathered for a two day feast and market event. Great choice items from Yamanaka Onsen’s reputed handicrafts are on display, many of them at a very affordable price.

May 3rd/4th
Shobuyu Festival

This is one of the area’s most popular festivals. Undoubtedly the highlight is the impressive parade that has young and not so young local men joining forces to carry the Shobu Mikoshi (portable shrine), rambunctiously following a solemn procession of lantern carriers. Traditional dances are also performed during the last evening.

June 4th (Shobu Mikoshi parade) and 5th (Traditional dances) in the center of Yamashiro Onsen
*On June 4th mikoshi parades are also held in both Yamanaka Onsen and Katayamazu Onsen.
Yamashiro Daidengaku

Created by a famous master of Kyogen, Japanese traditional comic theater, Yamashiro Onsen’s Daidengaku Festival is a very dynamic and fascinating spectacle blending dancing and acting deeply rooted in ancient traditional performing arts. Held every year in mid-summer, it involves both local performers and famous actors, all of them dressed in splendid and rather mysterious costumes.

Late July - Early August (Saturday and Sunday)
Katayamazu Onsen’s fireworks and Onsen Festival

Every night throughout August, fireworks are launched over Lake Shibayama for 10 minutes. Celebrating the discovery of the town’s hot spring and featuring street stalls, dancing, and various performances, the Onsen Festival culminates with a grandiose 40 minute long fire-work session performed on Sunday night.

Fireworks: Every night from August 1st to August 31st, Onsen Festival: Selected Saturday and Sunday in Late August (fireworks on Sunday)
Koikoi Festival

Thousands of people gather for the Yamanaka Onsen annual festival featuring a mikoshi (portable shrine) parade, geisha performances, and procession group dancing to the sound of traditional music instruments and folk tunes.

September 22nd/23rd